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Our Mission...

Our passion and mission is to revolutionize the online shopping experience for the automotive parts and accessories industry now and beyond. Catalytic efforts using our acquired knowledge, limitless imagination and personal will to critique what we create shall result in our ability to bring forward the next generation online shopping platform that enables the mobile ecommerce world we envision as the next frontier.

Doing all that we do, at the speed we do it, while staying in control is a credit to our leadership team and most dedicated staff. As brand building marketers, our commitment to learn about our manufacturers and their product details, enables us to transfer essential information to the consumer. Standards we have set are and shall remain high for ourselves, suppliers and business partners reinforcing the very DNA we are composed of.

The MBRP Story...
For almost 20 years MBRP inc. has been delivering performance enthusiasts the most in power, the most in product quality and the most in customer responsiveness. It all began with the now famous B&B Eliminator, which soon achieved the status as the best selling performance snowmobile silencer of all time. Starting from little more than a vision and an absolute passion for all things performance MBRP inc. is now at the forefront of performance exhaust technology. Marshalling over ten decades of manufacturing and marketing expertise between them, the MBRP design team developed a line of performance diesel exhaust products that has made the rest of the industry take notice, and rush to catch up.

Most recently MBRP Inc. has achieved something special for the sports truck enthusiast. The new sport line brings to the gasoline-powered vehicle the same perfect blend of style and toughness that diesel light truck owners have come to expect from MBRP. The line features a unique flow through muffler originally developed to increase the performance of thousand horsepower off-shore marine engines. The result is a muffler that generates a deeper, mellow sound, improved performance numbers and cooler operating temperatures.

The central reason behind MBRP inc.'s remarkable growth has been its absolute dedication, not just to excellence in its products, but also to standing behind its distributors and dealers and the loyalty that they have given back in return.. This commitment has been demonstrated in many ways. A diesel line with the lowest SKU/ vehicles supported ratio means that warehouse distributors require lower standing inventory and enjoy faster product turnover. Offering all of its diesel and sport truck systems in aluminized, T-409 stainless and T-304 stainless ensures that dealers have a price point and product for every customer's need and pocketbook. Full bolt-on design and clear, well written instructions mean that jobbers can install most of MBRP's systems with minimal tools and in under forty-five minutes. And for everyone, toll free technical support that can talk even the least experienced installer through the process.

But don't just take our word for it...

Powered by JM Auto Racing...

JM Auto Racing was founded back in 2004.  Our founder, Joseph Mauro, was a young car enthusiast who was very active on his 3G Eclipse forum.  He had just purchased headlights for his new car and was asked by several members where he purchased this item. Joe decided he could sell them to the forum community for a small profit and not too long after, JM Auto Racing was born.

JM Auto Racing actively grew over the next several years.  Selling just headlights, turned into taillights, which turned into body kits, hoods, trunks, wings, and before long JM Auto Racing was a true one stop shop for anything car related.  Our first website was launched in December of 2006.  Over its 7 year span, JM Auto Racing made a name for itself.    JM Auto Racing opened its first shop in 2008 and in 2010, its first warehouse.  In 2013, JM Auto Racing launched its new website, jmautosports.com to accommodate its rapid growth and its 350+ manufacturer line. 

For 2016, the new business model was to open a series of branded websites to maximize our presence in these markets.  While JM Auto Racing and its subsidiaries continues to grow, one thing remains the same.  Our customers are our friends.  We take the time to get to know our customers.  We hate calling a company about an issue or to get information and you receive a different rep every time and have to explain your story again.  JM Auto Racing strives to provide its customer service in a more warm and personal fashion.  With these values in mind, JM Auto Racing will continue to grow for years to come and provide you with the most up to date information and simplicity there is.